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Controls during production in VR FIBC JUMBO BAG INDUSTRIES

Tests prior to starting up production

The procedural quality ability of the manufacturing process with regard to the product speci-fications of FIBCs is controlled before starting the production taking in account the job instructions specified. Before starting up the production the ordinary function of the machineries and plants are ensured and documented. Before releasing the production the following tests are performed and documented using at least one prototype of the design type intended for manufacturing:

In-process controls

During production the proper installation of the machineries and plants and the observance of the job instructions are supervised in both shifts. The following controls showing compliance with the design type approval is being carried out:

Kind of controls Period of controls
General external condition Every FIBC
Determination of the dimensions 1 FIBC of 250, minimum 1 per order
Condition of the glued, welded and sewn connections Every FIBC
Condition of the filling and closing equipments 1 FIBC per order
Correctness, durability and legibility of the UN-marking Every FIBC

Procedures followed in case of faulty products

If mistakes relevant to safety occur during production the marking of bag shall be made perma-nently unrecognizable by a suitable procedure and such FIBCs shall be precluded from usage as Hazard Goods Packaging. UN Certified packaging.

Completeness and correctness of the user's documentation

The completeness and accuracy of the documents (approval documents, operation and instruction manuals) is guaranteed for each production slot in VR FIBC JUMBO BAG INDUSTRIES.